As a content intern at US Social Impact department, I had a chance to explore more on children’s media educational outreach in informal learning context (family and community) and send social messages to caregivers. I managed content researching  and editing Make Believe with Math, Sesame Workshop’s first online professional development course collaborating with Google. We used Google Course Builder platform to teach pre-school educators and caregivers math and pretend play nationwide.

This course highlights the importance of math and make-believe play in children’s development, and helps teachers explore how they can integrate math moments into everyday pretend play.

  • In Unit 1, we provide a brief overview of the research highlighting the importance of math in early childhood, along with some key math language and ways to find math moments in everyday play.
  • In Unit 2, we identify math concepts that can be explored using everyday classroom materials and discuss opportunities to adapt your environment to meet math goals.
  • In Unit 3, we focus on the research and best practices around supporting pretend play, and explore the factors of pretend play that can serve as tools for math learning.
  • In Unit 4, you will practice integrating math concepts into children’s pretend play using a case study and your own learning setting.

I also conducted research around professional development regulations and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Educators to support the integration of Make Believe with Math into statewide systems in the U.S. I contacted State Offices of Early Childhood and Head Start State Directors to discuss this online professional development program and to support Sesame Street’s collaboration with these partners.

Some screenshots of the course:

Some activities tips


More PDF for activity ideas for educators and care givers.


Examples of children’s pretend play


Some case studies to integrate math in children’s pretend play.