About Me


[English CV] 

I’m currently a tenure track lecturer at the Department of Educational Policy, Management, and Leadership, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. I hold a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree from Teachers College, Columbia University’s Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program. I also received a MA in Computing in Education from the same program as a Fulbright scholar from Thailand. At Columbia, I’m a researcher at the Snow Day Learning Lab where we study and create playful education technologies.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I always look for ways to understand how children make sense of their world through play. I see myself as a researcher and designer who seeks for ways to understand children’s conditions and come up with appropriate design features to invent tools and organize outreach initiatives to enhance their learning experience. I believe that in order to foster lifelong learning in children, we have to give children the chance to design, create, and invent projects that are meaningful to them. Learning for me is also a shared experience–working together and developing a community of learners for long and lasting impact.

Sam in Media!

Joined UNESCO as an expert on education technology research

Interview: Teachers College International Initiatives

Project Lead on Teachers College COVID Protective Equipment for Healthcare Professionals

Bangkok Post on Thai students and International Higher Education programs

Columbia University’s STEAMnasium Report

Time Out: Little Builders

Interview: UPenn The Center for Social Impact Strategy

Thai Media

Learn Plern Plern Podcast- Ep.79

Rise & Shine Podcast จิตวิทยาการเรียนรู้กับอาจารย์ ดร. สาม สวรส ธนาพรสังสุทธิ์

Chula Radio วิทยุจุฬา- รายการพัฒนศึกษาพัฒนาประเทศ 

ED Talks “เด็กหลุดออกจากการศึกษา กว่าล้านคน ใครช่วย?”

GLab ศูนย์นวัตกรรมสังคมเพื่อการพัฒนาอย่างยั่งยืน – CreativeMOVE



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