Dream Toy Part 2 -Prototype

emerson gif
Emerson played with the level he created while controlling a price bubble with magnets.

We went to Emerson’s place with a cardboard suitcase, a pegboard, and several wooden platform-building pieces and simple machine miniatures. We made prototypes of his favorite characters with found materials from TLTL. Magnets are essential to our design as it created a magical playing experience. It allowed Emerson to control his favorite characters and bubbles as if they were automatically moving.

Newton prototype on a suitcase
Our platform-building pieces

Once Emerson saw the materials we brought, he knew exactly what to do with them. He had a lot of interesting ideas on the scrap pieces that we found from the laser-cut recycle bin. “This can be a cage, like a prison” or “This piece can be like a hammer that falls from the sky.”

Showing him the toy for the first time.
Emerson was setting up a zip line on the pegboard.


His sister, Maisie, helped out
Emerson was thinking about the items he wanted to add to the game

He thought of more items to add in the game and gave us his list.

Lastly, we asked him to draw the suitcase cover
Little Big Planet Emerson Edition!