Dream Toy Part 3 – Final Design

“Little Big Planet Emerson Edition” by Sam Thanapornsangsuth and Lilian Lin
Suitcase cover

It was a pleasure designing with and for Emerson. I’m also very thankful to work with Lilian who is such a great maker! For our dream toy, we made a physical version of a PlayStation platform building game, “Little Big Planet.” Little Big Planet is Emerson’s all-time favorite game. It was his idea to make the game a physical version.

The game consists of a piece of 17*11 in. pegboard, 2 pieces of 8.5*11 in. pegboard, 5 laminated background variations, 6 original characters from Little Big Planet #3, 4 additional “boss” characters designed by Emerson and us. We include game-like items such as sticker bubbles, small and large platform pieces, and wooden toy pieces like a treasure box, a cage, ladders, zip lines, bouncing pads, and a smasher. Lastly, we also make simple machine miniatures such as a pulley, ramps, and lever.

Characters hand-made by air-dry clay

Apart from the hand-made characters, we also print “Sack Boy,” Emerson’s favorite character with Form Lab. We downloaded a file from Thingiverse.

Emerson requested a 4-eyed crab as one of the 4 bosses in the game
Laminated backgrounds for the game
Characters from Little Big Planet #3 by Emerson, as appeared on the suitcase cover
Emerson and his new toy!
The design team!

Play time!

Packing up! Time to go home.


Thanks to Lilian for the awesome photos!