A&HA5128 Week1


What are the unspoken rules in a maker centered environment

  1. Everyone is already a maker
  2. Maker is not hacker
  3. Making is not just about robots and rockets
  4. Make something that is personally meaningful to you
  5. The purpose of making doesn’t have to be utilitarian!
  6. Process is more important about product! Purpose is the most important of all.
  7. Making alone is cool, making with peers is better!
  8. Makers gonna make.
  9. You are allowed to break things.
  10. We need more women in maker centered environment.
  11. Don’t leave laser cutter running unattended.

Assignment- My most memorable assignment:

My undergraduate professor assigned me and my classmates to attend the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark.” At that time, all I knew about the exhibition was that I would travel through the exhibition with the light off. Dialogue in the Dark was designed for its visitors to experience daily life in the perspective of the blinds. Led by a specialist (who always warned us about bumps on the floor or when to turn left or right), we held hands like kindergarteners and explored our daily routines in the dark like buying grocery, eating at a cafe, or cross the streets. We maximized our senses of touch, taste, smell and sound.

It was a mess for me throughout the exhibition. I fell and walked into poles several times. I was super glad we made it to the end and I could finally “see” again. However, what I saw wasn’t just the “Thank you” sign at the exit. Turned out that our “specialist” was blind. We all sat and chatted with him with amazement. From that day on, my perspective about the blind has never been the same.