Week 2

I’m struggling with what I want to do for my final project. I find it’s a bit weird designing whatever I want as I used to design learning tools/toys for young kids. When it comes to what I really want I thought of two totally different things: 1) house decoration or 2) remote control mopping machine (something like iRobot Braava with Swiffer wet, no water tank).

For house decoration, I’m inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design. I want it to be simple yet functional. I have several ideas like 2D-3D animal trophy using plywood with laser cutter, chair (shop bot), and lamp. In summer, I made a set of the Beatles coasters with inspired by their lyrics. I might make a lamp inspired by their songs and try to design the lamp with interesting light projection.  This could be done by adobe illustrator and laser cutter.

For the mopping machine, I thought of designing it like a remote control car with a Swiffer sweeper attached at the back. This will require me to program an Arduino that goes together with the car parts made from acrylic.

However, when I think about the tools want to learn more on fabrication, I listed Lilypad Arduino and embroidering machine. I came up with the idea of kids blanket fort with sewable electric. This doesn’t excite me though. I guess my challenge is to think about meaningful project that allows me to learn these tools.

Due the time constraint in class, I didn’t have enough time to receive feedback from my classmates but looking forward for another opportunity next time.