Week 3

Part I

Research:What are some areas you can research related to your project ideas? List some specific websites, books, resource platforms that can help you in this area. Posted below is a resource list for this class.

The Beatles Chandelier project: My main sources of inspiration are Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and Instructable. I want to look into different designs and techniques in creating DIY Chandelier and think about how I could incorporate The Beatles lyrics or my interpretation of their songs to my design. I also want to learn more about art of lighting and explore different lighting techniques. The article below is pretty useful to me.


The workshop today with Jie Qi inspired me to explore further with micro controller. I may want to include light or even music as a part of interactive feature to the chandelier. I’ll look into tutorial online about incorporating music on Arduino as I’ve never tried it before https://diyhacking.com/arduino-audio-player/

Below are some creative designs that inspired me


Explorations: What are some concrete things you can explore during work time in our next class, Monday, Oct. 2?

I think I want to start making prototype by exploring different materials like cardboard, paper, ropes. I also want to look into functions on micro controller like Arduino or Gogo board that can plays MP3 if possible.

What materials do you need now? What materials do you think you might need down the line?

Now: Arduino, cardboard, flashlight, paper, rope, cloth, wire

In the future: similar materials with my prototype but better quality, plywood

What tools do you need now? What tools do you think you might need down the line?Now: Arduino

Future: speaker, MP3 player shield that goes with the Arduino, laser cutter (I can use it at Snow Day Lab)