Blog post Week 5

Research & Troubleshooting:

This week I’ve been working on the prototype of my Chandelier with illustrator so that I could have a printable file and picture how my end project looks like. From last week, I’ve finalized my bird design as an origami figure. I’ve been tinkering with the designs and different variation of birds’ origami motions. I searched in Pinterest for reference and designed 3 of the motions on illustrator.


Explorations/ testing/ Reflection

I printed out the design and thought that it would be nice to have some pieces as silhouette and some pieces with origami print. I printed the pieces out and explore different layout by tiding them all together with yarn. From here I want to experience with more ways I can create a pattern with the wooden pieces. Maybe I’ll tide them on 4 sides instead of 2 sides. Maybe I’ll use difference materials.



(thinking about creating more patterns with theses pieces)

My next stage:

  1. Print out more of the pieces and experiment with patterns
  2. Work on my code on arduino
  3. Physical computing project: combine chandelier and arduino together!

Short term:

Try out different materials like cloth and clear acrylic for the structure of the chandelier.