Periodic Update #3

This week, I don’t have much update as it is a midterm week from me (boo.) I’ve spent most of my time researching on different variation of chandelier made by laser cutter. I particularly look into joints and connection of different pieces cut by the machine and explore different ways I could create my own. I still have a bird design in mind and I was to happy to find a picture of whale chandelier (picture below). I think is also one of the possible design direction I could do. I still like my idea of origami bird but I want to include the 3D perspectives into the design.


joints in chandeliers


Animal inspired chandelier.

different design available on the internet

Short-term action plan moving forward- daily/incremental plan: exploring joints and connection between pieces in my design.
Next stage (Long term action plan): Finalize the design! I want to move on the incorporating physical computing part.